Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm getting things ready to teach a new "Introduction to New Testament" course at the church this evening.  Once again, I am reminded of how much we take for granted.  We assume that we know what needs knowing about the collection of books we call the New Testament.  Yet, after a lot of courses - both as student and teacher - I'm still learning!

Why is it that we assume that we know everything that needs to be known?  Why do we speak with such authority on matters completely beyond our pay-grade?  Mark Twain once referred to congress as a body of men with "tongues so ready and information so uncertain."  Sounds like us, too - right?

So, maybe today is a perfectly good time to have an aspiration that for the next 24-hours we will only speak of things we know something about.  We will not offer uninformed opinions.  We will not pretend to understand something we know nothing about.  We will not create answers - not matter how sensible our creations may seem.

We will use the words, "I don't know" and we will not be ashamed.

And then, we will go to work and keep learning. 

The river is flowing...jump in.

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